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Your Plumber in Covina, Ca, Outlines How to Properly Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Spring Use

Your Plumber in Covina, Ca, Outlines How to Properly Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Spring Use

A spring plumbing horror story that no one in the Covina, CA, area should have to go through is when you decide to fire up your sprinkler system after winter to make sure it’s still working, only to hear a loud clanking, followed by a geyser of water in the middle of your lawn.

And then it’s going to be a very expensive call to a Covina, CA, plumber to clean up the mess; a mess that was probably avoidable.

A sprinkler system should never simply be turned on ‘cold’ after months of disuse. All you need to do is to you follow this quick spring guide, compiled by the experts at Steel Plumbing & Drain Experts, and you can ensure the smoothest possible start for your sprinklers.

Preparing Your Sprinklers for Spring Use

Ensure the ground is truly thawed.

The ground should be soft and above-freezing to a depth of at least one foot, otherwise you’re risking freezing damage if you fill the pipes too early.

Relieve the air pressure.

One of the biggest dangers here is all the air currently in the pipes. Hopefully, your sprinkler system has a pressure release value you can use to let the air out, if not, remove the sprinkler heads at the highest elevations on your property.

Clean the sprinkler heads.

The heads probably have gotten clogged with debris over the fall and winter. Inspect them carefully to ensure there aren’t obstructions to water flow.

SLOWLY refill the pipes.

Refilling the sprinkler piping too quickly is another big problem. When initially opening up the main valve, only give it about a quarter turn. Be patient, and give the water time to fill the pipes while gently pushing any remaining air out of the system.

Check your controller.

Make sure the system controller is still functioning properly, doesn’t have corrosion on the wiring, and has a working battery backup. Don’t attempt to run the system if you have any doubts about the controller.

And if everything looks good…

Test the sprinkler zones one at a time.

Don’t turn the whole waterworks on at once. Go zone by zone, running it for a couple minutes. When or if everything works properly, you should be good to go.

As with anything in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned, if any problems arise in your Covina, CA area, don’t hesitate to contact Steel Plumbing & Drain Experts for quick, professional, and affordable service. Get your free estimate today!

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