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When an Underground Pipe Breaks, You Need Emergency Plumbing Repair

When an Underground Pipe Breaks, You Need Emergency Plumbing Repair

No plumbing system, no matter how well-designed, can be entirely free from accidents and damage. This is especially true of the pipes running beneath our homes and businesses. Often, it can be easy to take them for granted, or even forget they’re there. However, a multitude of factors we have little control over can damage them, and this can create big problems.

Plus, of course, here in California we’re quite familiar with harmful things happening underground we can’t control.

Whether the damage comes from tectonic shifts, or a simple buildup of rust and other corrosive elements, a damaged underground pipe needs emergency plumbing repair. Plumbing-related pipe problems can have rapid and long-lasting effects on the buildings they serve, including:

  • Basement flooding
  • Standing pools of water on lawns
  • Sinkholes on lawns or even concrete floors
  • Damage to the building’s foundation or substructure
  • Spreading microbial agents, such as bacteria, molds, and fungus

In worst-case scenarios, a burst pipe can even cause further environmental damage, especially if the pipe is carrying wastewater. Water underground can often travel far, into reservoirs, rivers or other vital sources of fresh water.

Either way, this is something that must be dealt with immediately with emergency plumbing repair, since the damage is likely to already be extensive, and will only get worse with each passing hour.

Dealing with Broken Underground Pipes

Not all underground pipe breaks are easily-detected. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as standing water or visible leaks. Other times, the biggest clue that a pipe has burst is hearing the sound of flowing water, without being able to find a source. A major loss of water pressure aboveground is another common sign.

Either way, if you suspect a broken underground pipe, the first step should be to shut off the water mains at the earliest opportunity. Before doing so, however, check the temperature of the water coming out of above-ground taps. In the event the temperature is strange, either too hot or too cold, you should also shut off the electricity going to your water heater.

Turning off the main helps reduce ongoing damage. Shutting off power to the water heater, or other treatment systems, prevents the delicate electronics from being damaged.

After that, it’s time to call in an experienced plumber. No one except an expert should be digging around underground pipes. Often, it’s too easy for an inexperienced worker to end up causing additional damage. Underground pipe leaks are simply not DIY projects.

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