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Drain Cleaning Plumber in Fontana & 10 Simple Tips

Drain Cleaning Plumber in Fontana & 10 Simple Tips

The Best 10 Tips To Clean Drains Before Calling Drain Cleaning Plumber in Fontana

Steel Plumbing and Drain Experts provides tips for drain cleaning to try before you call for a drain cleaning plumber in Fontana. In any drainage system, there are times when there will be clogs. There will always be warning signs. From the sink taking long to drain, water in the shower again takes longer to drain too, get some weird and unpleasant odors from the drains. All these are signs that it is now time to clear them to ensure there are no extreme repercussions on you. This way you will avoid major expenses when there is an emergency and water is not being drained at all. By early detection and clearing of the drains, then you will be able to clear all the pipes.

There Are 10 Simple Tips You Can Use to Clean Your Pipes:


1- Using a bent wire hanger

Hangers are things that are found in any house hence they are readily available. With it you will be able to clear any gunk and hair among other things that might be causing the clog in the drains. You can take the hanger and straighten it to make it longer but leave one of the ends bend in the shape of a hook. This will be of great help to you when clearing the drains.

2- Using a plunger

Pressure is a good way to clear out your drains. Because it might not be easy to get pressure machines or a drain cleaning plumber in Fontana, then getting a plunger also works very well. A plunge applies pressure on the water in the drains that in turn clears the dirt and clog that is in the pipes. This method is simple and very effective in any household. The main thing the plunger will do is cause pressure on the water in the drain. When using a plunger make sure there is no air escaping. If this step does work, consult with a local plumber in Fontana if you live there.

3- Using Baking soda

This is one of the most used kitchen ingredients in any house hold. This way, it is very easy to get it for using in your clogged drains. What baking soda does it dissolves any clogs in your drains and clears the away. When using this method, you can pour out one cup of baking soda into the drain and then wait for five minutes before pouring water into the drain. The baking soda acts very fast and clears out any clogs. Some people using it alongside vinegar

4- Using boiling water

There are other cases where the clogged drains are caused by oil in the drains. The oil or fat could have some things stuck to it and hence causing all the trouble there is. Therefore when you pour our boiling water in the drains, it will clear the clogs by melting the out. You should pour out a lot of hot water hence you will be sure that everything in there that needs melting has been melted.

5- Remove the trap and clean it.

Well the problem might be in the trap right there. So instead of going through a lot of problem, you could remove the trap and clean it. If that is not the problem, then you can remove the whole drain system that is right there at the sink and clean any debris, or clogs that might be there. Sometimes the clogs cannot be dissolved or pushed by a plunger hence this way you will be able to clear any debris that is there leaving your drain clean.

6- Another simple method will be the flush method

Here you are to repeatedly flush the toilet or pour lots of water through the drain to see if the drains can clear out and go back to normal. This method is very effective in the initial stages of the whole drainage problem. Here you are sure that is there are any clogs then they are not as many or the debris is not a lot. That way you will be able to clear the debris and leave your drains clean as ever.

7- Using dish detergent

In any home, there isthe detergent that is used for the dishes. You can use this to clear your drains. You pour the detergent into the drains. Then follow it up with some boiled water. The detergent will be good for lubricating the clogs hence when the hot water comes through, it can very easily clear out the clogs that are there and wash them away. This a very simple technique that will not take you long to do.

8- Using a plastic bottle

As much as many people do not know a lot about this method, it is a simple one too. You should make sure the mouth of the bottle is fully covering the drain. After you have made sure there are no escape routes for air, make sure the bottle is filled with hot water them squeeze it down to force the water into the drainage. The pressure here will again work as that of a plunger to help unclog the drains.

9- Water under high pressure from the garden hose.

If you have this, well you have it easier. Water pressure is very important when unclogging your clogged drains. Connect it to the water source and let the other end be in the run-off. This way the water will push away the clogs. Applying this strategy saves you some money before you call adrain cleaning plumber in Fontana.

10- Coke and Mentos

You should be very careful with this method. A combination of the two is fizzy and cause an explosion. This should be put down your drain to clear out any clogs with the reaction there.

When your drains are clogged, there is usually a lot of trouble. Therefore finding a simple way to prevent this from happening or advancing does come in very handy. Sometimes it’s very hard to apply the steps above to clean drain; therefore, it would be better to call for a plumber instantly. If you live in Fontana, California and you need a plumber, Call Steel Plumbing and Drain Experts at: (909) 345-6448 or visit our website.

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