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A Drain Cleaning Plumber Can Fix Outdoor Drainage Issues & Offer Preventative Solutions

A Drain Cleaning Plumber Can Fix Outdoor Drainage Issues & Offer Preventative Solutions

In the event you are have problems with your outdoor drainage, it could be causing serious damage to your lawn, or potentially even your home’s foundation. Drainage is one of those issues which can be easily overlooked, or ignored as unimportant, but it shouldn’t be! Water damage builds up over time, and becomes increasingly costly to repair the longer it goes unaddressed.

Steel Plumbing & Drain Experts employs plenty of drain cleaning plumbers who are experts in outdoor drainage. We’ve put together a quick list of signs to identify if you have outdoor drainage issues, and what might be done to correct them.

Drain Cleaning Plumbers’ Tips for Outdoor Drain Problems

Standing Water

Standing water is the most obvious sign of outdoor drainage problems; and it’s a big one. Besides making your lawn unpleasant to walk on, patches of standing water can cause serious soil damage, as well as encouraging root rot in your grass and other plants.

Without re-grading your lawn, the best solution here is the installation of a French drain. A French drain is an underground channel filled with gravel that traps water and forces it to flow towards the edge of your property. Sometimes it’s entirely underground, other times the top is open to the air.

High Water Tables

Many drainage problems stem from the initial builders not grading the ground correctly. In case you’re in an area with high water tables, there aren’t a lot of options. Aside from hauling in a lot of soil and physically raising the height of your lawn by several inches, the best solution is generally to plant water-loving plants and let them deal with the extra moisture.

Installing wetlands trees can be another solution, since they’ll suck up large amounts of water from the ground.

Water Around the Foundation

Obviously, a lot of water around your home’s foundation can cause serious problems over time. Luckily, this usually has a much more mundane cause: Plugged up rainspouts or drains coming from your home. In the cases of your drain spouts, you can probably clear those yourself with a ladder and a small shovel or trowel.

Steel Plumbing & Drain Experts

When you suspect there’s a problem with the drains coming out of your home, the best option is simply to call in a qualified plumber. Steel Plumbing & Drain Experts is fully bonded and certified, and ready to assist with drain cleaning in San Bernardino county. Call today for a free estimate!

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