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Drain Cleaning Plumber in San Bernardino & Fontana

Drain Cleaning Plumber in San Bernardino & Fontana

Steel Plumbing has always been the company residents of San Bernardino & Rancho Cucamonga call when they have any plumbing issues like drain cleaning. We have experts and equipment to rectify any problem with the drain, pipes and the entire plumbing system. Recently We have received anemergency call from a resident of San Bernardino who had a plumbing problem. Our staff left immediately to go and check out the faulty system. Upon arrival, we noticed the house had aclogged drain. I took photos and here is a look at what I saw and how I handled the situation.

Water flooding in the bathroom

After that; The first thing we noticed was the stagnant water in the bathroom. I knew that the drain had a clog. I knew the waste pipe that carries dirty water from the bathroom to the main drain had a clog. This is after trying to pump the stagnant water out. So I opened up the drain and used ahydro-jetter. The high-pressure water blasted out of the nozzle to completely clear the drain and the bathroom water started flowing. The home owners calledemergency plumber in San Bernardino as soon as the saw the water on the floor in the bathroom.

The foul odor

When Our staff got into the kitchen, we noticed a foul smell emanating from the sink. This was evident that pollutants had built up in the drain. The home owner couldn’t allow guests into the kitchen because this was unbearable.

Blocked kitchen

Just to confirm that there was more to the drainage than just the foul smell, we decided to run some water and see how it would flow through thekitchen sink. It took quite some time before the water completely drained out of the sink.

The solution

After inspecting the entire drainage system from the kitchen, the drain inspection camera revealed that the pipe had cracked therefore letting in soil from the walls. This called for a motorized drain auger to break the obstruction. Only experienced plumbers should be allowed to operate a motorized drain auger to avoid damaging the drain pipe. So the exercise took some considerable amount of time. Eventually, I cleared and cleaned the entire drain and every part of the plumbing system was running perfectly.

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